Important events during my protest

May 9:
Began my 100 day protest against the psychiatric abuse at Friends Hospital.

May 10:
Intimidated by Friends Hospital employee. He threatened to call the police even though I was on public property. See: Email to the ACLU regarding the incident.

May 11:
Started blogging about the protest at Read the first blog here.

May 26:
After 17 days into the protest (and more than 4 years since the abuse) Friends Hospital contacted me via email and offers to look into my allegations of abuse.

May 29:
I requested a rigourous and transparent investigation into the incident. See: Reply to Friends Hospital

Jun 2:
Registered domain name '' to set up as a site dedicated to raise awareness of psychiatric abuse.

Jun 5:
Joined MindFreedom, an organization that advocates for humane alternatives for psychiatry and provides a voice for psychiatric abuse survivors.

Jun 10:
First face to face interview with a  journalist for a prospective article on her blog.

Jun 11:
Started the Facebook group 'Stop Psychiatric Abuse'. More Info.     Click To Join

Jun 15:
Phillygrrl article on my protest (part 1 of 3). Click here to read.

June 18:
Phillygrrl article, Part 2: The abuse at Friends Hospital and how I escaped.

June 23:
1000 visits so far to . Half were probably me, but 500 is still a milestone. Thanks to everyone who visited.

June 26:
Phillygrrl article, Part 3: My life since the Friends Hospital incident and my current activism efforts.  

June 27:
Day 50 = Half way through the 100 day protest, but just getting started on a lifetime of activism. Also my first protest past midnight... (11:15 pm to 12:15 am)

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