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Hi. My name is Godly Mathew. I am a 26 year old male who is protesting for 100 days (an hour or more each day) outside Friends Hospital - a psychiatric facility in Philadelphia, PA. Friends Hospital is the oldest private psychiatric hospital in the country and was founded by the Quakers on principles of care and ethics, but my experience as a patient was far different from those stated ideals.

More than four years ago, I was abused by the staff (physically and psychologically) at Friends Hospital following an involuntary commitment. The psychological abuse was very intense and was carried out in a deliberate and methodological manner. The physical abuse consisted of being kept without water for many hours, being shaken vigorously from my sleep, being dropped on the floor and later having unnecessary medical procedures performed. These unnecessary procedures included tubes placed in my mouth, nose, and urinary tract and having my stomach pumped. I ended up in Frankford Hospital E.R. as a result. Over the next few weeks, I am going to start uploading parts of my medical records so that there is complete transparency as far as what happened to me. Hopefully this would deter Friends Hospital from denying the abuse and instead take responsibility by publically acknowledging the misconduct and launching a thorough investigation.

I am doing this to raise awareness of psychiatric abuse. I feel obligated to speak out on behalf of other psychiatric victims. If more people come forward and speak out, we can bring a change to the system and help stop this from happening to others. I am NOT soliciting money, but I would like your support as far as word of mouth and grassroots campaigning to bring psychiatric abuse to the forefront of society's conscience.

If you know of anyone who was abused at Friends Hospital, please make them aware of this site and have them contact me via email: . If you are on facebook, please consider joining the 'Stop Psychiatric Abuse' group.

Thank you
Godly Mathew

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100 Day Protest Against the Psychiatric Abuse at Friends Hospital: May 9, 2009 to August 16, 2009.
This week: Days 79 - 84

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